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Getting to Manly

17 Kilometres from Sydney and 1000 miles from care

Getting to Manly is easy.

Over the Sea

The Manly Ferry Services & Timetables

On the Road

The Bus Services & Timetables

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About Manly 

The nices way to get to Manly is over the Ocean

Discover the Iconic Manly Ferries: A Seafaring Legacy

Embark on a maritime adventure with the renowned Manly Ferries, an iconic symbol of Sydney's harbor transport. Connecting Circular Quay to the picturesque suburb of Manly, these ferries have etched their place in Australian history and hearts as a beloved and quintessential experience.

Scenic Sailings

Manly Ferries offer more than just transportation; they provide a scenic journey across the stunning waters of Sydney Harbor. Passengers are treated to breathtaking views of the Sydney Opera House, Harbor Bridge, and the city's skyline, making the ferry ride not just a means of travel but an immersive experience in itself.

Family-Friendly Excursions

Manly Ferries cater to a diverse audience, making them a family-friendly mode of transport. Children and adults alike enjoy the excitement of a ferry ride, creating lasting memories against the backdrop of Sydney's iconic landmarks.

Plan Your Voyage

Historical Significance

With a history dating back to the 19th century, the Manly Ferries hold a special place in Sydney's maritime heritage. The ferries have evolved from paddle steamers to the sleek and efficient vessels we see today, representing a seamless blend of tradition and modernity.

Gateway to Manly

For locals and tourists alike, the Manly Ferries serve as the gateway to the vibrant suburb of Manly. As you disembark, you step into a world of sandy beaches, oceanfront promenades, and a lively atmosphere that defines the quintessential Australian beach culture.

Waterfront Cafés and Shops

Upon arrival in Manly, passengers are greeted by a lively waterfront dotted with cafes, shops, and recreational spaces. The ferry journey seamlessly transitions into a day of exploration and relaxation, offering a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Whether you're commuting to work, exploring Sydney's landmarks, or seeking a leisurely day trip to Manly, the Manly Ferries are an integral part of the harbor's charm. Plan your voyage, bask in the sea breeze, and let the Manly Ferries be your maritime guide to the beauty of Sydney's coastal treasures.

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