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Cabbage Tree Bay

Snorkel in the beautiful Aquatic Reserve

Image by Jakob Owens

Aquatic Reserve

Dive into the awesome world under the waves at Cabbage Tree Bay in Manly! The water's crystal clear, showing off heaps of marine mates like the chill blue groper and colorful fish. There are also marine plants swaying around, and if you're lucky, you might spot the sneaky weedy seadragons blending in.

This place is a marine wonderland, thanks to the community's hard yakka in looking after it. Snorkeling here isn't just about checking out cool sea stuff; it's a chance to vibe with the ecosystem and feel responsible for our oceans. Whether you're a snorkel pro or a first-timer, Cabbage Tree Bay's marine magic will stick with you. Time to be a sea steward and appreciate the ocean treasures around Manly! 

Marine Life 

Cabbage Tree Bay Manly hosts up to 150 species of Marine Life

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