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Jump & Splash

NOTE: Jumping in the water is not condoned

by Council so please check the signs


In sunny Manly, where the sea calls with irresistible charm, dive into adventure at two thrilling spots. Little Manly Beach, with its ocean pool, and the iconic Jump Rock at Collins Flat are perfect launchpads for ocean plunges.

Whether you're a seasoned thrill-seeker or just want some seaside excitement, these spots promise saltwater, sunshine, and pure fun. Get ready for unforgettable aquatic adventures in the heart of Manly! 🌊☀️

Little Manly Beach

Little Manly Beach is a ripper spot for diving, snorkeling, and fishing
– real Aussie fun in the sun! 🏖️🐠


Manly Cove East

East Manly Cove Beach has a top-notch swimming area with nets, so you can have a good splash without stressin' about big waves or currents. There are volleyball nets and surfboards for rent at North Steyne, making it ace for beach games and outdoor fun. Plus, you've got cafes, restaurants, and all the good stuff right there at the beach. Easy peasy!

Manly Cove

Manly Cove is a real Aussie gem, mate!
It's got awesome, grassy spots with heaps of shade – perfect for picnics. The water at Manly Cove is as calm as a pond, and there's a shark net, so it's tops for little ones learning to swim. Just good vibes all around!

Jumping into Lake

Jump Rock 

The Jump Rock cliff at Manly is a ripper spot for locals. It's got three rock platforms, going from 4 to 6 meters high. To get there, just take a 20-minute stroll from Manly Wharf, past Little Manly Beach, and over the hill to Collins Flat Beach. Easy as, mate!

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