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Amelie Horrocks

The Creative

Manly's own Amelie, a true aficionado of the local flavors, is making waves with her discerning taste buds. When it comes to her go-to comfort food, Kazzi Beach's Greek ham and cheese toasties are at the top of her list, a delightful treat she savors with every bite. Beyond toasties, Amelie has earned her stripes as a connoisseur of chicken nuggets and chips, seeking the perfect crunch and flavor combination. Her preferred dining spot is the renowned Arun Thai on Manly Beach front, where she indulges in sticky rice, showcasing her appreciation for diverse cuisines. When not exploring the culinary scene, Amelie is like a fish in the water, fearlessly diving into the waves of Manly, truly embodying the spirit of coastal living. Whether savoring delicious bites or riding the waves, Amelie is a local personality making a splash in both the culinary and beachfront scenes.

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